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The University of Wyoming

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Collection of Fossil Vertebrates
(a component of the Departmental Scientific Collections)

Conditions of outgoing loans

1. Loans sent to the borrower are the joint responsibility of the borrower and the borrower's institution. The borrower agrees to conserve and protect the materials borrowed and exercise caution in the care and preservation of these materials. Any damages incurred by the borrowed materials are to be reported immediately to the collections manager of Departmental Scientific Collections, Department of Geology and Geophysics.
2. Transfer of borrowed materials to another individual is not allowed. Specimens must be returned to The University of Wyoming before they can be re-lent to another individual.
3. If the borrower should change institutions, the lent materials shall either be returned or remain at the original institution, unless a transfer of loan is pre-arranged in writing.
4. Materials requested by students or associates will be lent to the institution via a faculty member. In the case of students, the loan will be made out to the student's major advisor through his/her major advisor.
5. Loans can be made for up to two years. In most cases, written permission for extensions can be made. Loans are also subject to recall on a thirty day notice to the borrower.  If you anticipate a need for lent specimens to exceed 2 years, consider a request to cast important specimens
6. Casting, restoration, alteration, and additional preparatory work must be approved and permitted in writing. Specimens may be cast only for research purposes.  Casts for purposes of commercial sale are not to be allowed.
7. In the case of lot numbers and uncatalogued specimens, the borrower must request UW specimen number(s) for any specimen(s) to be figured in publications or to be individually identified.
8. Any changes made in identification of specimens should be reported to the collections manager.  A card notifying such changes, dated and signed by the borrower, will suffice. The original labels should be left unaltered with the specimen.
9. The University of Wyoming requests a reprint of any publication that results from the use of its materials. The University's acronym is UW.
10. Type specimens are to be hand-carried only. Avoid sending loans in the mail during the Christmas rush.
11. Additional notes on the standard loan form are to be respected.

All questions regarding loan of UW material should be directed to the Collections Manager Dr. Laura A. Vietti.

*See also notes in Collection Policy