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The University of Wyoming

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Collection of Fossil Vertebrates
(a component of the Departmental Scientific Collections)

Introduction to the Paleo Database

    Beginning in 1994 an efficient, customized, relational database was created that allowed The University of Wyoming  Collection of Fossil Vertebrates to be searched.  With over 40,000 catalogued specimens, the current database allows researchers and students at The University of Wyoming to utilize the collection more easily and efficiently.  In June, 2000 an effort was begun to make the Collection of Fossil Vertebrates accessible to other researchers and students over the internet.  This project is now largely complete, and data for the entirety of the collection (exclusive of detailed locality information) is accessible through this web-page in read-only format. In 2006 the database was moved from the current FileMaker Pro implementation to Linux and Mysql and installed on a new faster server.

    Before browsing the database please take some time to familarize yourself with the procedures for searching the database .  In this section you will find descriptions of each field that may be searched.  In addition, a brief overview of search commands is given.  Although the database can be searched quickly, the number of specimens records queried effects the search process.  Typically, users can expect search queries to be returned in less than 5 seconds.

    As this collection is one of the first of its kind to be completely accessible over the internet, any constructive comments or suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.  Please send comments/suggestions to Collection Manager Dr. Laura A. Vietti .  Most importantly, we hope that this database promotes increased use of this nationally important collection of fossils.

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